About Us

Portugal 4all Senses is a tour operator specialized in accessible tourism for people with special needs, their friends and family. We develop tourist activities in Portugal, accessible for all, providing, in an integrated way, unique and enjoyable experiences. We offer private tours, thematic experiences and the possibility of designing your trip, thus allowing you to explore Portugal at your own pace and style.

We provide the following services: transfers, specialized professional, accommodation, activities and personalized experiences, appropriate to the needs of each client.


Our mission is to strengthen the internationalization of Portugal as an accessible tourism destination. Our aim is to contribute to the diversity and competitiveness of the Portuguese tourism industry.
We aim to be an innovative company, providing tailored made solutions to our customers and offering an accessible travel experience in Portugal.


Our relationship with customers and partners is transparent, based on responsibility and trust between all parties involved.
We believe in teamwork, integrity and the possibility to contribute through tourism to a more inclusive society.
We believe in excellence with simplicity.

Know the Team

Daniela Duarte | Co-founder
Daniela Duarte | Co-founderLegal Area
After my law degree and specialization in Health care Law, I have been accumulating extensive experience as a lawyer in hospitals and healthcare organizations. Thus, I have a deep knowledge of the legislation in health care and accessibility.
I lived and studied in the United States which allowed me to contact with different cultures and broaden my horizons. I am passionate about literature and love to travel.

My favorite quote is: “Everything is worthwhile if the soul is not small.”

Rita Duarte | Co-founder
Rita Duarte | Co-founderOperational Area
With a master’s degree in sustainable tourism at the University of Wageningen, I have been accumulating work experience related with tourism, more precisely in research centers and institutional bodies. My international experience while living in different countries (USA, Netherlands, Brazil, UK) contributed to broaden my view of the world and boosted my knowledge about other cultures and places.
I have an outgoing personality; I like to communicate with different people and traveling!

My favorite quote is: “the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts”.