Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

These contractual general conditions are intended to establish the terms and conditions that govern the provision of travel services organized by Portugal 4all Senses registered at the National Portuguese Tourism Board with RNAVT n. 6348.

2. Booking

2.1. At the reservation moment the client should make a deposit of 40% of the total purchase, liquidating the remaining 60% 30 days before the trip.

2.2. If the booking for the trip takes place 30 days before or less of the departure date, the total price must be paid upon reservation. The booking will be dependent on the confirmation of all the suppliers requested.

2.3. For any change in the journey due to customer´s request the agency reserves the right to charge a changing fee in accordance to what is mentioned in section 2.6. below.

2 4. In the case of cancellation the customer is required to pay all cancellation charges in accordance with point 8 of these General Conditions.

2.5. The Agency reserves the right to cancel any reservation for which payment has not been made under the above conditions.

2.6. For booking, service fees, changes in the reservations and other services the official prices plus the amounts charged by the suppliers will be applied, especially in the case of changes.

2.7. The confirmation email of the booking for the requested service must contain all the elements necessary to follow up the booking.

2.8. The prices referred to in 2.6. are for each reservation request of services and will be charged to the customer at the time of acceptance of the reservation by the Agency.

2.9. The amount of money referred to in 2.6. will not be refunded in the case of not fulfilling the service booked. The same is also applicable for any other reason not attributable to the Agency.

3. Price Changes

3.1. The Agency reserves the right, up to 20 days before the date of travel, to change the price of the trip in case of an increase due to transport, fuel, dues, taxes, chargeable fees or currency fluctuations. This change must be communicated to you.

3.2. The change will be made on a proportional basis in respect to the increase in the prices of the factors that influence the same change.

3.3. Failure to accept the increase in the price of the trip, under the law, gives you the right to withdraw subscription from the same terms and conditions as set out in Impossibility of Compliance item.

4. Reimbursements

Once the trip has commenced there will be no refund for unused services previously booked by the customer. Failure to provide services foreseen in the travel program for reasons not attributable to the Agency, if not replaced by other equivalent services, gives the right to be reimbursed for the difference between the price of the services booked and that actually provided, without prejudice the provisions of paragraph 12.4 of these General Conditions.

5. Transfer of your reservation to another person

5.1. You may transfer your reservation to another person whose profile corresponds to all the conditions required for the trip requested. You must communicate this possible change to the Agency at least 7 days in advance. The service providers for your trip must agree with the replacement also.

5.2. The assignment of registration severally liable assignor and assignee for the payment of the price and additional costs arising from the assignment.

6. Withdrawals

In case of withdrawing from the trip the client must express said desire through written communication. The client is entitled to be reimbursed the amount paid deducting the following expenses:

6.1. Administration fees that the Agency has had to obtain the services reservations and even a value that can go up to fifteen percent of the price of requested services.

6.2. Non-refundable cancellation costs from suppliers (hotels, transportation, guided visits and other services).

7. Changes

If the suppliers involved in your trip accept, you can change it to another date or even to another holiday, but in this case an administration fee for the costs that the change may represent must be paid.

However, when the change takes place 30 days or less prior to the departure date of the trip, for which the customer is registered, or if the service providers do not accept the change, this is subject to the relevant costs and charges in the “Withdrawals” section.

8. Complaints

8.1. Clients have the right to complain about any service required. However, to be considered valid any complaint should be presented in writing within not more than 20 days after the end of the services requested.

8.2. The information can only be accepted if it has also been communicated to the suppliers of services (hotels, guides, transfers, etc.) responsible for the complaint. A supporting written document is necessary also.

8.3. All complaints that do not respect the time frame or are not supported by the above documents are not accountable to the Agency.

9. Changes

9.1. Where there are reasonable grounds to justify it, the Agency may change the conditions set out in the program, namely the order of the routes, the departure times or substitute any of the accommodation provided by other similar category and location.

9.2. If unforeseen circumstances force the trip to be suspended, the customer will always have the right to reimbursement of amounts paid.

10. Impossibility of Compliance

10.1. If due to strong reasons the Agency is unable to meet the travel program, you are entitled to withdraw from the trip, have all the money paid refunded or alternatively, accept an amendment service and any change in the price.

10.2. If the facts that determine the cancellation of the trip are not the responsibility of the Agency, you can choose to participate in another trip accepting an amendment and any change in the price If applicable.

10.3. If the trip proposed as replacement has a lower price, the customer will be refunded with the relevant difference.

10.4. There is no refund to services which were requested but not used by the client.

11. Special Conditions for Children

Given the diversity of conditions applied to children, depending on age, the service provider and travel dates, it is always recommended to question the special conditions that may exist regarding your own context.

12. Documents

It is the clients’ responsibility to always have with them updated personal documentation (passport, permits, updated vaccines, documentation regarding dietary restrictions, health condition, etc.). Under no circumstances will the agency be held responsible for the loss or theft of customers’ personal documents (such as: passport, driving license, ID cards and bank debit or credit cards, others).

The Agency has no responsibility for the refusal of visas or entry permit. In these cases the trip will be cancelled and the customer is responsible for any cost that this may entail.

13. Luggage

13.1. The agency is responsible for luggage under the Portuguese law.

13.2. The customer has the obligation to lodge a complaint with the entity providing the service at the time of subtraction, deterioration or destruction of baggage.

13.3. In international transport, in case of damage to luggage, the complaint must be made in writing to the carrier immediately after checking the damage, and up to 7 days of delivery. Being the case of mere delay in delivery of baggage a complaint must be made within 21 days from the date of delivery of the same.

13.4. The presentation of such a claim will be essential foundation for the operation of the Agency’s responsibility for the provider of the service.13.3. In no case shall the Agency be liable, directly or indirectly, for refusing the granting of visas or for not allowing the client to enter any country.

14. Insurance

The travel agency Portugal 4all Senses operates under the conditions covered by the liability insurance with the policy number 203718638 from Allianz insurance company. Contracted guarantees: The amount covered by insurance is 75,000 EUR, covering the risks arising from the activity, guaranteed compensation for property damage and personal injuries caused to clients or third parties by actions or omissions of the Portugal 4all Senses or their representatives.

14.1. The repatriation of customers and their assistance.

14.2. The medical care and necessary medicines in the event of accident or illness occurring during the trip, including those which are necessary after completion of travel.

14.3. Nas viagens organizadas em regime de meia pensão ou pensão completa não estão incluídas as refeições que coincidam com as horas de voo, com o transporte de e para ou o aeroporto, ou de espera de ligações aéreas.

15. Payment

In order to confirm a booking, the services requested should be paid for by bank transfer.

After expressing interest, the agency will send an email informing you of the availability of the tour, service or experience required. In addition the client will also receive information regarding the bank account details into which the money should be transferred. Once the agency has received the transaction an email with the receipt and detailed information regarding the service will be sent.

All the charges regarding the bank transfer are the client´s responsibility. The correct amount of money, in Euro currency should be transferred to the travel agency account.

16. Minimum number of participants and cancellation of the Agency program

The travel program shall fix, case by case, the minimum number of participants. If the minimum number of participants is not reached the Agency may cancel the trip and inform the customer in writing of the cancellation up to 10 days before departure date, reimbursing the client all money paid, exonerating the Agency of any responsibility for the cancellation.

17. Insurance

The Customer is obliged to purchase travel insurance, which may or may not be acquired from the Agency. The Insurance should be adjusted to the duration of the trip, destination and type of activities. In the case of not obtaining travel insurance or purchasing an unsuitable travel insurance, the client automatically exempts the Agency and all its service provider partners from any and all liability relating to the risks and resulting costs the customer incurs by not having obtained the correct insurance recommended.

If you or any of your companions do not have these requirements and wishes to subscribe to travel insurance through the Agency you should consult us for this purpose. The price and the conditions of the insurance may vary.

18. Tours and Packages

18.1. The various tours and packages presented on the website are copyrighted products prepared by the company. They are operated by a certified Tour Guide speaking fluently a language agreed with each customer.

18.2. At customer’s request the tours and packages can be accompanied by a professional caretaker.

18.3. Portugal 4all Senses tours are operated in different vehicles depending on the number of people, namely adapted vehicles, mini-buses.

18.4. Buying a day tour or a tour package (private or in group) ensures the customer transportation, guide service throughout the day and throughout the trip, admission tickets to monuments when mentioned, tasting of traditional sweets when mentioned, wine tasting when mentioned, accommodation and meals at quality hotels or hand-picked restaurants and insurance coverage in accordance to Portuguese law. Any extra not mentioned in the program is not included in the tour and will be the responsibility of the customer.

18.5. Some monuments are closed on certain days of the week or may close without prior notice or on national closure days like Easter holidays, January 1st, May 1st and December 25th, so the company cannot guarantee a visit on these days.